Saturday, 19 July 2014

Perfect crafting weather

Haven't been doing much crafting lately but today with all this rain it is the perfect day to get back in the craft room. I was asked earlier in the week to make a card for a 14 year old girl and here it is.
In reality the green is more lime and zingy but that's cameras for you (well maybe it's me!)
I chose the paper first from a lovely pad I picked up in T K Max and matched the copics  to colour the birthday stamp. I love the Lala land pennant and use it any chance I can.
Happy crafting one and all
Pat xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Got the bug!

 Decided to do a bit of blogging now Wimbledon is over. I really enjoyed todays final and although I had predicted Federer to win I must say I think the best man did win. Lovely day for it too.
A couple of weeks ago I bought the Robert Addams camper van die when it came back in stock. My daughter and her husband are VW fans so I knew the die would come in useful for Stuart's birthday in August and also for John's brothers birthday on Tuesday. He and his wife have a lovely Motorhome but the first one they had several years ago was a Camper Van so I thought the die would be perfect.
So this is my BIL's card. I printed off a section of a map of Scotland as this is where they spend a lot of time in their Motorhome. The die has lots of little fiddly bits to it but if you have patience the result is well worth the effort. I love it.  I spent a couple of days cutting out several to use at a later date. Some are plain colours like this one but I also cut some out of lovely floral papers and they look really cool. When I've made them up into cards I'll put some photos on here.

The one below is a lovely stamp which I coloured with copics and then added the details with a white and black pen. I also have a very similar but fancier stamp to this which I think I have posted pics of previously. I love these stamps because you can stamp a few up then sit and colour them  at your leisure in a variety lovely colour combinations. It is easy then to design the cards as you don't need to add much by way of embellishments to achieve a lovely result. Perfect for when your mojo's gone walkabout.
Thank you for visiting me today and have a good crafty week.
Pat xxx

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Box of flowers

Well as it's such a miserable day weather wise I'm here getting things sorted on the computer which I don't seem to find much time for lately, apart from a bit of facebook and even less twitter. Not completely savvy with twitter but I give it a go every now and then.
I managed to order a lovely Camper Van die from Joanna Sheen's shop this morning so I am looking forward to having a play with that when it comes. I've got a couple of cards to make for people that I know the Camper Van will be perfect for.
The card I am going to share today is one of the flowers in a box ones that seem to be popular at the moment. I made it for Mom's 91st birthday that she celebrated on Tuesday. I used some Laura Ashley papers which I had in my stash and coloured some of the flowers with copics to match.
Quite simple to create really but very effective especially as they fold flat for posting.
Take an oblong piece of card scored into 4 equal sections along the length plus a 2cm section to create a flap to join the box. Then score in half along the width. If you want the top sections to be shorter adjust the score line. Cut away the top section of the 2cm flap and cut down the score line on the top sections. Glue the flap to create the box. You need to cut 2 or 3 narrow strips to fit the inside of the box in order to attach the flowers or whatever you want in the box. Use acetate strips fixed to some of the embellishments to enable them to stand proud.
Now what to do with the rest of the day? Tackle the mountain of ironing or do a bit of crafting?I think you know what I'll decide!!
Bye for now
Pat xx